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As co-creator of America's first, and currently, the only TDHCA approved

Affordable Housing on-line application Service, I am pleased to announce that RESIDENTVAULT is up and running!  RESIDENT VAULT can be customized for each specific Housing Program in the LURA, Regulatory Agreement, or HAP.  You tell us the Program, and we will set it up so that only those forms specific to, let's say Housing Tax Credit, show up! 

It can be customized to handle multiple (layered) Programs as well!

We must think out side of the box to keep our businesses viable and relevant in this quickly-changing business environment.


  • Why not use RESIDENTVAULT to better enhance your marketing outreach? 
  • Why not be the first to introduce "On-line Leasing"? 
  • Why not be the first to offer On-line Leasing in over 50 languages?
  • Why not Recertify a Household on-line? 
  • Why not track Applications, Maintenance work, and renew Leases on-line?
  • Wouldn't be great if you could do ALL of that, and as much more as you can think up, all in one place?



Call or e-mail us to sign up for this innovative and time-saving Service:

Perry Holifield: 214-402-1556




            Offering a wide array of Compliance Services

Specialists in:

  • Housing Tax Credit - (HTC)
  • Housing Trust Fund - (HTF)
  • Multi-Family Bond - (MFBond)
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Affordable Housing - (FDIC-AHP)
  • Property Transfer Applications
  • Comprehensive Compliance Classes with Customized Manuals
  • Research and Response on Non-Compliance Letters
  • Owner Representation during File Reviews
  • Owner Representation during Penalty Committee Reviews
  • Creation of Custom Tenant Selection Plan/Affirmative Marketing Plan
  • On-Going Compliance Oversight - Annual Contract
  • Provision of required Forms not supplied by TDHCA/MDSI/TSAHC
  • Bilingual Assistance (Spanish)
  • Due Diligence Compliance Reviews - Files/Documents/Special Needs Units
  • Assistance with Compliance Office set-up
  • Electronic Applications and Other Required Forms - Processing & Archive
  • HAP Contract Application or Removal


Creative group sessions puposefully intended for 3-20 participants. This allows us to have quality Q & A time.

We recognize that

NO TWO LURAs, HAPS, or Regulatory Agreements are the same. Therefore, ALL classes are tailored to your specific Property Agreement.  



A PROPERTY SPECIFIC Compliance Manual is issued to each student. Students gain expertise in all aspects of their Property's Housing Program. Attendees

learn about the Purpose of the Program and how to implement the

necessary tools

for successful

day-to-day compliance management!

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Application Processing
  • Math Calculations
  • Tenant Selection Plan
  • Affirmative Marketing
  • Fair Housing
  • Reporting
  • Income vs Assets
  • Special Needs
  • LEP
  • So much more!



At the end of each Class,

a Comprehensive Compliance Test

is administered.  

The purpose of the Test

is to gauge the student's understanding of the Housing Program that governs their Property.

The Test combines sample Household

Asset and Income determinations along with a series of True and False statements.

The Property Owner or Property Supervisor is informed of each attendee's score as requested.

OFFICE - 719-680-2442

E-Mail - monnie.smith@omegaaffordablehousingcompliance.com

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